The Intersection of Tennis and Technology: Revolutionizing the Game

Discover the incredible ways technology is transforming the world of tennis. From advanced racquet designs to data-driven analytics, technology is revolutionizing the game like never before. In this article, we explore the intersection of tennis and technology, unveiling the innovative advancements reshaping the sport and enhancing the overall tennis ecosystem. 1. Smart Tennis Sensors: Enhancing […]

Tennis Footwork 101

Tennis Footwork 101 Tennis is a sport that requires quick movements and agility. To be successful, you need to have good footwork. Footwork refers to the way you move your feet on the court to get into the right position to hit the ball. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and techniques […]

History of The Wimbledon Championships

History of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships Wimbledon is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Since its inception in 1877, the tournament has evolved to become a cultural phenomenon that attracts fans from all over the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Wimbledon, from […]

2022- Year in Review

2022 – Year in Review Sportch had a fantastic year in 2022 – we beat the previous year’s record for both matches played and user sign-ups on the app. A total of 3594 matches were played, which averages to a match every 96 minutes during waking hours. July was the busiest month where we averaged […]

The value in losing at sport

The value in losing at sport As competitive athletes (which of course we all are!) dealing with losses is an inevitable part of the game. Having competed since a young age it became apparent to me very early on that no matter how talented or skilled you may be, there will always be someone who […]

The Benefits of Competition

The Benefits of Competition  Quickly after learning how to walk, I learned to run and quickly after that I learned how to kick, throw and jump. From then onwards sport has played a defining role in my life, allowing me to travel the world and create lifelong friendships. Being part of teams for 20 years […]

Top 10 Tennis Clubs in England

As a tennis enthusiast and founder of Sportch, I am thrilled to share our summary of the top 10 tennis clubs in England. From historic venues to modern complexes, these clubs are among the best in the country, offering top-notch facilities, coaching, and competitions. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC): Home of […]

The history of tennis

The history of tennis Here at Sportch we’ve pulled together a bunch of interesting insights on the history of tennis. We hope you find it as interesting as we did! Origins of tennis Tennis is believed to have originated in the monastic cloisters in northern France in the 12th century. Interestingly, the ball was then struck with […]

Ultimate compilation of interesting tennis facts and trivia

Trivia – the ultimate compilation of interesting tennis facts Here at Sportch we’ve pulled together the ultimate compilation of interesting tennis facts and trivia. 1. The shortest ever grand slam final was 34 minutes – in the 1988 French Open final, Steffi Graf demolished Natasha Zvereva 6-0, 6-0 in a completely one-sided match. 2. The youngest player […]

How tennis string gauge affects spin, power and durability

How tennis string gauge affects spin, power and durability First things first, tennis string gauge (thickness) DOES affect the spin and power of your shots, and also the durability of the strings! Most recreational and club players have never paid any attention to the gauge (also referred to as thickness) of the string used in […]