SPORTCH Supporters Club

We’re thrilled to introduce the SPORTCH Supporters Club, a community of passionate sports fans dedicated to supporting the development and growth of our app. By joining the Supporters Club, you not only contribute directly to the evolution of SPORTCH but also become part of an exclusive group with access to exciting perks and benefits.


What is the Supporters Club?

The SPORTCH Supporters Club is a special initiative designed to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our users. Instead of a traditional premium subscription model which we tried, we’re offering fans and users the opportunity to directly contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the SPORTCH app through donations. In return, members like you can gain access to a range of rewards and privileges, making you an integral part of our journey.


What Do Supporters Club Members Get?

1. Prizes and Rewards: We believe in showing appreciation for our dedicated supporters. That’s why we offer regular giveaways, exclusive merchandise, and other exciting rewards reserved exclusively for Supporters Club members.


2. Exclusive Group Chat: As a member of the Supporters Club, you’ll gain access to our private group chat, where you can connect with fellow fans, discuss sports events, share insights, and engage directly with the SPORTCH team.


3. Direct Impact: Your contributions go directly towards enhancing the SPORTCH experience for everyone. Whether it’s improving features, expanding coverage, or optimizing performance, every donation makes a tangible difference.


How to Join

Becoming a member of the SPORTCH Supporters Club is easy:

1. Sign Up: In the app click the ‘Join the Supporters Club’ banner or click the button below

2. Donate: Make a regular contribution of your choice to support the development of SPORTCH.*

3. Enjoy the Benefits: Once you’re a member, you’ll unlock access to all the perks and privileges of the Supporters Club.


Join Us Today!

Join us in shaping the future of SPORTCH and be part of a passionate community. Together, we can take the SPORTCH experience to new heights!


For any inquiries or assistance regarding the Supporters Club, feel free to contact us.

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