About Us

I love to compete… but, like so many others, I struggled to find and arrange local matches with players of a similar standard.

Then one day, whilst enjoying a post-match drink with my fellow co-founder, I realised I had the vision and know-how to create the solution.

Fuelled by my passion for competing, and professional experience in automation and technology, I set about creating the Sportch app.

After a lot of hard work and late nights, the company was founded in 2021 and I am beyond proud to have created an app which positively impacts the lives of players everywhere.

Co-founder & CEO, Josh Foster

The app

Today, Sportch is a platform that provides ladder competitions for a variety of sports. We serve clubs and locations. 

Tennis is the most popular sport. There are over 5000 players and 200 clubs using the app across the UK.

Sportch competition is flexible, automated and dynamic creating a unique experience for players that is packed with benefits:

  • players can link to any community – club, location or coach!
  • players compete on their terms – there are no fixed start and end dates, rules or formats
  • our algorithm ranks players of similar ability
  • in-app chat streamlines the process of arranging matches
  • the app takes care of reporting results, updating rankings and tracking statistics, leaving players to focus on competing and having fun.

The mission and vision

The mission is to bring together the players, coaches, clubs and venues in every community through a platform where players can connect and compete in the sport of their choice.

The vision is to build a community where incredible competition is stimulated by players, powered by technology, and open to everyone.

The community

Since 2021 the vision has transformed from an idea to reality, and we’ve seen the community grow while the competition gets better every day.

If you are a player and would like to join the community then simply download our app, create a profile and get playing!

If you are a club or a coach and would like to find out more about setting up a Sportch competition ladder, please book a demo or fill out the setup form here.

Whoever you are, please join our community via social media @SportchApp

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