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“Incredible tennis competition stimulated by players, powered by technology, and open to everyone.”
Players play for free
Clubs pay a fee
  • Tennis on demand
  • Tennis at your level
  • Tennis when you want
  • Tennis where you want
  • Tennis how you want
  • Tennis on your terms

If having fun, meeting, or competing with others is what you're after, we've got you covered!


Great app, easy to use. Has got me back into playing tennis and meeting different players around Essex. Highly recommend


A well thought out app which is great for meeting new opponents and arranging match ups. Algorithms mean that you are appropriately matched with opponents of similar ability which is great. All in all a fab new app.


Really great app. Played some of my best tennis matches via the app and can see it only getting better and better.


Awesome app encouraging players to play more singles matches, easy to use and a great way to meet more fellow tennis players


Lots of our members have subscribed to Sportch which allows them to compete with other players in the area including coaches and players who represent other clubs. The app has gone down really well with our members – particularly those who like to play singles. It’s also been a fantastic advert for our club as visiting players often consider joining as members. Given it’s only just launched Sportch is already making a big impact in the local area as everything they’ve created is slick and works well. We’re excited to see what features they add next. Thank you on behalf our our members!

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Did you know?

Tennis matches played through Sportch can count towards the player’s World Tennis Number.

We’re adding new locations, clubs and coaches every day.

If we haven’t yet got you covered, get in touch.

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