Premium Club

£ 5
per month

Join the Sportch Premium Club to win awards, receive exclusive discounts and unlock the potential of the Sportch app.

What you’ll receive for signing up:

  • Quarterly Rewards for Match Activity
  • Priority on Sportch Events and Tours
  • Match-up Range Extended to 8 Players
  • Unlimited Match Chats
  • Unlimited Wildcard Challenges
  • All the Benefits of Sportch Free


We are offering Premium at an introductory rate of £1 per month

To join Sportch Premium, click the banner in the app.

The Quarterly Prizes

Prizes will be awarded based on match activity. Merchandise includes Sportch branded shock absorbers, Sportch tennis towels and Sportch branded t-shirts. Further details coming soon…

For each Round, which corresponds to a quarter (outlined below), you can earn the following awards based on your matches played:

10 Matches = Sportch Shock Absorber

20 Matches = Sportch Tennis Towel

30 Matches = Sportch Branded Tennis Shirt

The Rounds

Spring: 1 March – 31 May

Summer: 1 June – 31 August

Autumn: 1 September – 30 November


Winter: 1 December – 28 February


The Rules

  • Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of Sportch Limited and in accordance with the criteria set by it. Sportch reserve the right to amend prizes or criteria where circumstances beyond its reasonable control require it to do so.
  • Matches will be reviewed. An eligible match is determined as:
    • Matches submitted before the end of the round
    • Matches involving a recognised scoring format
  • Late entrants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and no dispensation will be given for time lost

The prizes and winning criteria for future rounds are subject to change and will be kept under continuous review.

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