Message from Josh Foster, Sportch Founder

As we move into 2024 I have spent some time reflecting on the remarkable journey Sportch has been on over recent years.

When I think back to the time when Sportch launched (in those early days of the COVID pandemic) I’m blown away by how much we have achieved and the sheer volume of incredible matches that we have facilitated right across the country. I’m filled with pride when I hear how those matches have helped develop new skills, build long-lasting friendships and grow many clubs into thriving sporting communities!

You may not have noticed, but 2023 was in fact a transformative year for Sportch as I welcomed and integrated new partners into the business, each of whom have demonstrated their commitment and passion in helping me to scale and further develop our offering to players and clubs.

Jamie is now running the show day to day, be that mailing, marketing or merchandise! He even found the time to help host last year’s Sportch Tour in La Manga… and of course, he will be co-hosting again with me when we go back in September! Click here to learn more or book on the 2024 tour.

Dom (another volunteer turned partner) has, alongside the unenviable task of company admin, spent time exploring funding opportunities and refreshing our business plan. His impact has been significant and his ideas often inspire my vision for future plans.

Noel, our CTO, has taken huge strides working with our lead developer to modernise the technology stack that supports the app. Thanks to them, you’ll soon see a faster and stronger app, set to launch in Q1! . Noel has also found time to explore the new technologies which will push our capabilities forward in an exciting upcoming release later in the year. You’ll be hearing more on this very soon…

I’ve been afforded some much needed headroom to focus on my real passion, namely product innovation and working strategically on improving the app. All in all, I’m now delighted with all the team we have in place behind the scenes and I’m so grateful to them, and to all of you in the Sportch community, for your support over the past year.

…. “SO” I hear you ask, “what’s in store for 2024!?”

I can tell you the year ahead promises to be pivotal in the evolution of our app. The team and I are now actively working with a new partner on some major developments that will not only introduce some much anticipated new functionality but also significantly enhance your user experience as we bring a more intuitive interface to the forefront.

To all of our community, thanks again for your support. Your unwavering belief in Sportch is the driving force behind our success to date, and for making our plans for the future a reality. I wish you all the very best for the year ahead – let’s make 2024 a year of unprecedented achievements (on and off the app), and thank you all for being an integral part of our exciting journey!


CEO & Founder