Four passionate tennis fans take charge at Sportch, the leading ladder software for tennis clubs

Press Release 18/07/2023

Sportch, the leading ladder software for tennis clubs, has announced its newly formed management team. Jamie Hill, Dom Buttery and Noel da Costa are avid users of the app. They reached out to Founder Josh Foster, eager to contribute their expertise and amplify Sportch’s success. Having experienced the app firsthand, the team members were inspired by Sportch’s capabilities and wanted to play an active role in its advancement. 

Since its creation in 2021, Sportch has revolutionised the way clubs organise ladder competitions. The platform provides a user-friendly interface and powerful automated features that enhance engagement and connectivity among players at all skill levels.

With over 10,000 matches being organised via the platform by thousands of players, Sportch has established itself as a trusted choice by clubs across the UK and Ireland. It has a strong presence in establishments such as the Chelsea Harbour Club and David Lloyd Ipswich as well as hosting an island-wide ladder in the Isle of Man, earning the endorsement of the IOM LTA. 

Josh Foster, creator of Sportch, expressed his excitement. Josh commented: “I am delighted to welcome Jamie, Noel and Dominic to the Sportch team. As we continue our journey of growth and expansion, it became clear to me that bringing onboard talented professionals across different disciplines was essential. Jamie, Noel and Dominic have remarkable expertise and they share a passion for tennis with me. With their contributions, I am confident that we will take Sportch to new heights and create an exceptional platform for sporting communities. Their transition from experienced users of the app to champions of Sportch’s growth exemplifies the app’s impact and the shared vision we have for its future.”

Together, the quartet is dedicated to expanding Sportch’s offerings, catering to the unique needs of various sports communities. By actively listening to user feedback and implementing exciting new features, Sportch aims to solidify its position as the go-to club ladder software for tennis and other sports, inspiring athletes to elevate their game.

For more information about Sportch and its ladder software, please visit or contact Jamie on 07982312634 or email


About Sportch

Sportch is a sports technology startup, headquartered in London, that offers clubs’ an inclusive and engaging competition platform for players. Their distinguished reputation in the tennis community has led to the service being expanded to operate nationwide, and across other sports. With its user-friendly interface and powerful automated features, Sportch revolutionises the way players connect and compete, fostering community engagement and delivering exceptional ladder competitions. Sportch is committed to providing players with an unmatched experience, empowering them with new ways to engage and develop in their respective discipline.