Partner Scheme for Tennis Coaches, Clubs and Venues

Our Sportch Partner Scheme is for tennis coaches, clubs and venues. It is an opportunity to partner with us and automate a singles ladder for your players FREE through our platform (the Sportch app).

It’s simple, we will create a singles tennis ladder for your club/venue and allow your adult (18+) players to compete for FREE.

If you’re interested in joining the scheme today, please complete the form below.

Coach Partner Scheme - Mixed tennis players smiling on the tennis court

Building a bigger and better tennis community

  • Discover new members/clients through the Sportch platform
  • A dedicated in-app profile will direct players to your website
  • No admin organising or recording results - automate the lot
  • Players gain match experience to support their coaching
  • Players compete with similar level players on the ladder
  • We take care of all the admin... you'll be setup in minutes!

We welcome all interest in the scheme, even if we aren’t currently in your area. We’re happy to add new locations for our partners.