Partner Scheme for Coaches

Please read the details of this agreement carefully and then agree to the terms using the form at the bottom of this page.


This Partner Scheme for Coaches provides an opportunity for you to partner with us and earn a generous recurring income through the Sportch platform.

We appreciate that you, as tennis coaches, are best placed to get your clients playing more regularly through our app. By connecting with similar level players in their area, it’s the perfect way for players to put into practice everything you coach them. For players without a coach (or club) Sportch gives excellent visibility of what’s available in their area and how to get in contact.

Complete the Partner Scheme Agreement form at the bottom of this page to sign up.

What’s the deal

Put simply, we pass over a generous proportion of any monthly income received from your clients.

In recognition of these challenging times and the time spent getting your players to subscribe, we’ve set partner earnings at:

– 100% of the net revenue we receive from each player’s subscription fees over their first 4 months

– 50% of the net revenue we receive for the remainder of year 1.

The best bit is the income is ongoing, so you’ll continue receiving income passively from your players competing on our app!

There’s no limit to how much you can earn, so the more of your clients who compete, the more you’ll earn!

What do I need to do

Again, it’s very simple – you’ll get income from any adult (18+) who joins the Sportch tennis league. The player just needs to link you as their coach (from within their player profile).

We take care of the admin… all you need to do is fill out our short agreement form (below), download the ‘Sportch’ app, create a profile and activate your account. You’ll then be ready to start earning!

How the scheme works

Players using the Sportch app must subscribe in order to actively compete in Sportch TennisThe standard monthly subscription cost for players is currently £5.99 and they typically get a one month free trial. Each month players are charged on or just after the date they originally subscribed to Sportch.

Our scheme provides coaches with earnings using a fixed percentage of net revenue on all eligible charges. For a player’s charge to be eligible their player profile must be linked to the coach at the time they are charged. Partner earnings are 100% of the net revenue received over the first 4 months of a player’s subscription and 50% for the remainder of year 1Net revenue means subscription fees less any payment collection fees taken by the payment provider. Our current payment provider is GoCardless and their transaction fees are currently 1% + 20p per transaction i.e. £5.73 is the net revenue from a £5.99 charge.

How are partner earnings calculated

The formula for calculating partner earnings is:

@100% → no. of players subscribed <4 months x 100% x [subscription (£5.99) – (subscription x 1%) – 20p transaction fees]

@50% → no. of players subscribed 5-12 months x 50% x [subscription (£5.99) – (subscription x 1%) – 20p transaction fees]

A representative example

A coach joining the scheme brings in 20 players, each on a 1 month free trial.

Partner earnings would be calculated as follows:

@100% → ≈£115 in month 2, ≈£115 in month 3, ≈£115 in month 4.

@50% → ≈£57 in months 5-12.  In total >£800 in year 1

That’s it! If you’re ready to join our partner scheme for coaches please complete the agreement form below:

Detailed terms and exclusions

  1. Partner earnings are based on the net revenue received from charges i.e. subscription fees less any payment collection fees from the payment provider.
  2. Partners receive 100% of net revenue received from a player in the first 4 months of them being subscribed.
  3. Partners receive 50% of net revenue received from each player subscribed from month 5 to month 12.
  4. Partner earnings are calculated using a charge report which captures the coach linked to a player when charges are made each month.
  5. Each month the charge report will be used to calculate partner earnings and payments will be credited to the partner’s nominated bank account.
  6. Partners do not have to compete in the league but must be subscribed in order to remain eligible for the scheme.
  7. Partners are eligible to receive earnings in the full calendar month after they join the scheme.
  8. Subscription fees received from the partner’s own subscription are not eligible to generate earnings under the scheme.
  9. This agreement is restricted to the singles tennis ladder for adults (18+) only. Subscription fees and promotions are subject to change.
  10. Either party reserves the right to cancel this agreement with 30 days notice however, subject to the eligibility criteria contained within this agreement, partners will continue to receive payments for players that have already subscribed prior to the agreement ending. 


Agreement summary

  • Earnings are a fixed proportion of net revenue on eligible charges
  • 100% of net revenue from each player from month 1 to 4
  • 50% of net revenue from each player from month 5 to month 12
  • Charges are eligible if the player has linked you as their coach
  • Full terms are detailed in the agreement above
Coach Partner Scheme - Mixed tennis players smiling on the tennis court