About us - sport player match maker

Our vision is to bring together the players, coaches, clubs and venues in every community through our platform where players can connect and compete in the sport of their choice!

We are the creators of a unique app which matches both club and non-club players based on their location and playing ability.

We launched with Singles Tennis on 1st March 2020 in Essex, UK with an organic growth strategy by adding locations and sports iteratively over time. In June we had expanded our platform to accept players from London, and by July 2020 we added unique features for Coaches, Clubs and Venues including dedicated profiles and the ability to completely automate their internal singles ladder.

How does the app work?

Our singles tennis competition places players in an open league of singles opponents within their desired location. We welcome all adult players: club and non-club, old and young (18+), male and female at all levels of ability.

We use clever technology to take care of admin like matching players, reporting results, updating rankings and tracking statistics, leaving you to focus on connecting with others, honing your skills and improving your sporting record.

The app keeps track of your personal sporting journey and gives you the flexibility of playing as often as you wish.

Welcome to Sportch! We promise to be a game changer!

We make arranging and playing matches easier than ever:

Player profiles

These contain key information including the player’s location, coach, club or venue (if applicable). Player profiles also contain useful details about your opponents such as their status, availability, age, gender, nationality and their recent results. Player status helps identify when players are Active, Away or Inactive. Inactive players, who haven’t been seen in a while, are automatically hidden from others so they don’t impact your ranking or playing opportunities!


Match-ups are available with local players immediately around you in the Sportch rankings. Once a match-up request has been accepted you are free to chat and agree a date, time and format for your match-up.

Match-up results are reported through the app. Once confirmed the rating of both players will immediately update to reflect the new rankings!